Hyper Casino: Forget about Promo Codes and Embrace the future

  1. Layout and languages
  2. Game offers
  3. Live casino
  4. Mobile gambling
  5. Bonuses
  6. Deposits and withdrawals
  7. Customer support
  8. Responsible Gaming
  9. Privacy policy
  10. Safety
  11. Restricted countries
  12. Conclusion

It does not matter whether you are an experienced gambler or just a beginner, it is natural that you never stop your search for new places to try the luck at. As the number of potential online gamers grows, so does the number of new casinos.
Hyper Casino
is one of the freshest additions to the industry. This means it is so essential for you to know what to expect from the given casino and we are going to help you out.

Despite the fact that online casino is relatively new to the scene, it has a range of offers that can’t be left out. Apart from the impressive number of games and slots designed by popular gaming software creators, the bonuses and promos suggested are worth your attention too.

If you are looking for something fresh and exciting, then giving the hyper casino a try is what you need!

Layout and languages

Any website that you pay a visit to attracts special attention to the layout. The design of the online casino is twice as important. The fact is that the layout should not only be appealing but also information and in no case confusing.

Hyper Casino
is one of modern casinos that managed to combine all the mentioned above criteria in one website. It is unlike other casino websites that you are used to. There are no flashy banner or catchy phrases to distract you from the main purpose. Instead, the layout is pretty reserved but not to the point of being too dull.

Besides, the casino is perfectly informative even if it is the first casino you have ever visited, it won’t take you long to get the hang of it and find all the details that you need.

As you may have already guessed, hypercasino.com is fully user-centered, and that is certainly a huge plus. Surely, the casino is not over the edge creative looking, but that is not what you are visiting it for, is it?

One more thin, even though the main language is English, there are also other languages available. You can navigate the casino in Swedish, German, Norwegian and Finnish as well.

Game offers

We have already brought it up that as for a new casino, hyper casino impresses with the number of games they provide. There are over 700 games to give a try to if you decide to give the casino a chance. All of them are provided by the best gaming developers in the industry, and that surely means something. No matter the area of your preference, be it slots machines or live casino,
has it covered. Besides, if you are willing to experience something fresh and unexpected, there is also a list of other games that do not fit any described category, not to mention the fact that you can become a billionaire by playing the lottery.

It needs to be pointed out that most of the games in the casino can be played in demo mode. If you are new to the gambling world and have no idea how it works, such an approach is surely advantageous.

To put it simply, if the variety of games to play as well as the trustworthiness of the casino are your primary goals, then
Hyper casino

Live casino

No online casino can go without a live casino option. The number of people who like the feel of a real game with real dealers is growing, and Hyper Casino couldn’t have neglected the fact. When you first enter the casino lobby, it is hard to shake the feeling that you are in a real casino, not just sitting in your comfy chair in front of your device.

The live casino makes it possible to interact with dealers even, but you are bound to have an account with the casino to achieve the possibility. Besides, it should be emphasized that demo mode does not work in live casino; active account is a must.

Mobile gambling

It is hard to imagine modern gambler without a phone or tablet, that is why it would be a huge disadvantage if
developers left the fact out. This means that the mobile version of the casino is not only available but fully functional. You can play games, reach out to the support or carry out banking operations using your mobile device when there is a spare minute at hand.

No matter the range of your gaming preferences or the device you use, you can easily log onto your account and enjoy your favorite games on the go. There is no need for any mobile app, you can play straight from the browser.


You may not want to admit it, but one of the best things about every casino is the bonuses they suggest. You can rarely spot a casino that does not encourage its customers, so, surely hyper casino is no exception. They offer a welcome bonus for the new members as well as they tend to appreciate the regular players as well, which is clearly a beneficial attitude.

Of course, the first bonus you get when you decide to become an active member of the casino and the casino is interested in encouraging you. There is a handful of casinos that do not offer a welcome 100% bonus, the others do. However, casino hyper has taken the welcome bonus to the whole new level of awesome. The thing is that their first-deposit appreciation bonus may equal as much as $300. There is no exaggeration here, though there is a little catch and we are going to share it with you.

To begin with, the first deposit you make should not be less than $10. The welcome bonus covers 100% of the provided deposit and can go as high up to $100. It means if you put $100 on your account, you will have the same amount on top. As for the second deposit, you are offered 50% of the sum that you deposited, and it goes up to $200 tops. In case your second deposit is $400 – $200, 50% of it, is added to your balance. When you combine the maximum available bonus amounts, you will get $300 total. No matter the catch, we think that it is more than a great deal of a welcome bonus, don’t you?

One last thing, there are certain restriction rules applied to the transactions made with the help of Skrill or Neteller. If you deposit using these payment options – you will not be offered the welcome bonus.

Besides, you can’t use the bonus balance to participate in Live Casino.

Delicious bonus offers for regular players

There are no bonus codes if you expect some, but there are little tokens of appreciation given to regular customers too, and that is undoubtedly a plus to the reputation. Although the casino still does not have a VIP system developed, they are surely working on it, and they are offering weekly and monthly promotions to the regulars instead. There is a Slot of the week promo that includes some free spins to give a try to. Even though, the slot machine is chosen by the casino; still it seems nice to play for free at least once a week.

Hyper Friday Bonus

Another exciting bonus available once a week is named
Hyper Friday.
It is not that difficult to guess that it is offered on Fridays to make the end of the working week a little cheerier. There is no one-for-every-Friday bonus; they tend to change. It can be free spins, or cashback, or even a deposit bonus, etc. all you are bound to do is claim and enjoy it. Nevertheless, there is a single rule – you are bound to make one deposit before Friday to access the bonus.

Bonus Code And Free Spins

There are no promo or bonus codes that you can claim provided by this casino. As for the free spins, it works both ways since officially there are none, but weekly or monthly promotions can include some.

Bonus Rules and Conditions

  • To receive the bonus, you should deposit the least of $10
  • You should complete 45x staking requirement otherwise you will be unable to claim any winnings from your welcome bonus set
  • The welcome bonus is valid for 30 days only, this means that if you can’t meet thestaking requirements during that time, you will lose all the winning

Deposits and withdrawals

One of the worst things that can happen while you are making a transfer is that your information is leaked and someone hacks it and uses it to their advantage. Well, rest assured that with
Hyper Casino
such a thing will never happen. There are some reasons why. First one is that as an over the edge modern casino, they use the most recent and the most reliable encryption. What does that mean? That means that all your deposits are encoded and secure. Even when the user information gets to the casino server, it is still encrypted so that there is no chance to hack it.

Secondly, even though, hypercasino provides the widest range of payment options available, including credit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers and also such alternative options as Sofort and Boku, all of them are popular and trusted.

Now, when you know that both the deposits as well as withdrawals are secure and sound, it should be added that several payment variations may vary upon every country. This means that players from Canada can use one option, while the user from England the other. In case you are unsure which payment options are available for you, you can easily check it out once you sign up and visit Deposit chapter.

Hyper Casino
never stops to boast how fast its payment system works. It means that a player is allowed to deposit almost instantly and withdraw the funds as quickly.

Customer support

As the research proves, customer support is one of the essential elements of a quality casino. The truth is that many online casinos fail to provide it. Such failure results in low popularity and may even lead to a shutdown.

The mentioned above information can’t be applied to hypercasino.com simply because they try to provide the best quality support. The support can be reached at any time, from any place and with any question in mind. You can either email
Hyper Casino
or fill out their contact form available on the site and also talk with a trained professional using Live chat option. Apart from that, the FAQ section is complete so that you may not even need to use the support option. However, when you actually refer to the casino stating your problem or question, you can expect it to be quickly answered and resolved when necessary.

Responsible Gaming

Games are addictive; we all know that. While many people can successfully keep their gambling fun at bay, for some, it may gradually turn into the addiction. As you realize, no addictive behavior is good; that is why this particular casino hyper cares about the customer’s well-being, and for that purpose, some limits are introduced.

In most cases, a player chooses the limits and other preventive actions on his or her own, but the casino still has some influence over these actions too.

Personal limits

One of the best ways to keep your gaming at the level of pure fun and entertainment is to keep track of your deposits and wagers. If you easily get carried away by an amazing and exciting game, it is best if you set some limits on the account. You may apply time limits, bet limits, loss limits, and surely deposit limits. The limits can be set to remain active for a day or a week or even a month.

What is more, you can easily decrease any limit according to your preferences, and the change will take action immediately. However, that does not apply to increasing limits. As it has been mentioned, the main goal set in from of
Hyper casino
is to prevent the users from getting addicted to the play. If you want to increase the limit, it will take about 7 days to approve the change.


All of us need certain timeouts at a certain period in life. If you are worried about the time and means you spend while playing, you can easily take a break and consider your next actions. You can access your account while on a timeout, but you can’t play or deposit. The maximum timeout is 6 months, the minimum – one day. Keep it in mind that you can’t remove the timeout limit.

Self-exclude option

This limit is irreversible, and during the set limit period, you are not able to access your account in any way. Only after the self-exclusion period is due, you can contact casino support to open your account once again.

Privacy policy

Whether you like it or not, but all the online casinos, gather your personal data and keep it for a while. There are various reasons for that and in many cases, that is nothing more than just a necessity to make the service accessible and enjoyable. However, there is always a fair share for doubtful casinos who do not state why they need your information and what they are going to do with it. That is quite unpleasant to face the unknown.

In the case with hypercasino, they prefer to be clear as to what information they get, where they get it from and why they keep it.

What type of personal data is collected?

Of course, such personal information as your full name, address, passport number as well as bank account details are requested. The casino is supposed to be able to identify you and also to ensure that there is not fraud hiding behind your nickname.

How is the data used?

  • It is clearly stated on the site, that no personal data is sold or shared with any third-parties that may be interested in it. Your privacy is above all.
  • The main reasons why the casino needs your information
  • To provide the highest quality gaming service. If you do not provide the information, you will not be able to login to your account, for instance, and that is crucial.
  • hypercasino.com requires the personal data to confirm your banking transactions, too.

In order to improve its services, the casino needs feedback. To leave feedback you should try out gambling with them, and that is impossible without your registration. Thus, you should provide your personal data.

These are just a few main reasons why your precise information is so important. You are able to check off all of them clearly stated on the casino website. As it has been mentioned, their policy is to be open to the customers as well as protective over them.


Casino hyper privacy and security is nice, but what about safety? The fact is that the thing that matters most when it comes to casino online safety is the license. You should keep away from casinos that claim to have some no-name license; you need a trusted source for that.

Hyper casino
cooperated with not just one of the best gambling regulators, but two of them – UK Gambling Commission as well as Malta Gaming Authority. The double license is needed due to the fact that while the first covers all the users from the United Kingdom, the other implies to the rest of the world. You can easily check the numbers of those licenses along with some other information to ensure that there is no catch here.

You should understand that the sole fact that this particular casino has been granted a license makes it clear that it deserves it and you have no reason not to trust the commission.

What is more, the type of encryption used by the casino proves, that they value the comfort, convenience and also the security of their players above all.

Restricted countries

When you get through the review, it is easy to assume that you wish to give the casino a spin or try yourself. However, before you rush to do that you need to ensure that you are allowed to. The fact is that there is also a list of countries, players from which can’t register in the casino and enjoy the games. That is why, once you ensure your country is no on a restriction list, you can proceed with the registration.


We have just reviewed one of the freshest casino in the industry. Truth be told, the general impression they make is a positive one. Starting with the games that are suggested to play as well as a welcome bonus, which is huge, by the way, they invite you to play.

Those of you who expect promo codes and free games, may be a little disappointed. There are no promo codes as such, but you can get free spins as your weekly or monthly appreciation bonus and that is sweet.

However, as an experienced user, you should know that games and bonuses are not the only things that define a casino. You nee/to be safe and secure since you provide your personal data to them. Nevertheless, as the research proves, the
Hyper casino
took proper care of that part too.

In case you have any concerns or questions you can easily state the issue to the support that is available, literary all year long.

Once you check the restriction country list and do not find yours on the menu – go ahead and give Hyper Casino a try!

Author: Charles Marcoux

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